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Kite Making Activity

Kite Making Activity Class 4Class 4Class 4Class 5Class 6Class 3Class 3Class 1

Flag making activity

Flag making activity Class 2Class 1Class 1


Fun and Joyful Activity.. CLASS I & II - Christmas Bell MakingCLASS III - Santa Cap MakingCLASS IV - Christmas…

Drawing Competition

Art is all about creativity. It promotes fine motor skills. Every child is an artist and happiness comes from creative…


Annual Day 2019-20

Annual Day February 2019-20

Sports Day – December 2019-20

Sports Day - December 2019-20

School Picnic – November 2019

School Picnic has been organised for Pre-primary ( Nursery, Jr.Kg.…

Newly opened CBSE school in Kamothe

Newly opened CBSE school in Kamothe Click here for enquiry.…

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